Erika Kobayashi

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sociologist and journalist, Erika is a Japanese culture researcher since 2001. In 2005, she created the KIAI Cultural Virtual Space and the artist group “moyashi”. In 2006, she went to Paris for her Master studies in Sociology of Contemporary Societies focused in Japanese Women that live in Paris. Erika is tea specialist and author of the blog “Tea Ceremony” (, which proposes a new look about traditional ceremony tea concepts in everyday life drinking any kind of tea – her purpose is using tea as a way to pause and breathe in big cities. In her adult life she has been studying zen practices: zazen, kenjutsu, jojutsu and iaijustu, exploring her existential presence within the world. A special part of this practice is her trainingin the Uraseneke Tradition of Chado.