Mai Ueda

New York, USA

Born in Japan and currently based in New York, Berlin and Japan. Mai’s art practice is influenced by Japanese tradition and rituals, as well as her travels around the world. Her art work explores the directness of approach and honesty of self in the electronic age through multimedia installations and performances. Her staged performances often juxtapose traditional tropes associated with ceremonies as seen through the prism of western pop culture. Mai was one of the founders of the NEEN art movement which concerned itself with the poetic potential of internet and digital art in 2000, and has been extensively exhibited in museums and institutions around the world, including Seoul Biennial 2004, Venice Biennale 2009 and MONA Tasmania 2013, Mai has also been published with books “domain poems” “drawings from my previous life”, her short songs has been featured on various compilations.

For the Iceland gathering, Mai performed ANTI GRAVITEA to emphasize lightness in life.

Mai Ueda behappynow from mai ueda on Vimeo.

Tea in Heaven from Kris Perry on Vimeo.